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"The job was done really well. The tech was excellent, treated the job like this was his own home and it was a pleasure meeting him. He was patient in the sweltering heat!"

Thanks very much,
Steve L.

"I am taking some time to stop and ensure that two of your employees are given some recognition and are shown some appreciation for being two of the nicest and helpful fellows I have had the privilege of coming across in a long time. I have been experiencing some frightful encounters with the service industry recently and when this caliber of customer service is exhibited I feel compelled to see that it is acknowledged and my gratitude sincerely expressed.
Scott Williams is a very professional and polite and informative sales rep who was able to convince me, a hard sell, to sign on with your company. He explained everything thoroughly and followed up promptly with exceptional service and above all “peace of mind”. It was an absolute pleasure to have met him.
One of your technicians is equally professional and his technical experience and knowledge is evident in his very demeanor. Again it was a pleasure to have crossed paths.
You should be honored and privileged to have two such top-notch personnel in your employ.
Please pass on my warm regards to both gentlemen and thank them again on our behalf for a very pleasant and trouble free business experience."

Phil and Lynne

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know the tanks were installed and filled. The entire sign up and delivery was a great experience. The installers were great and explained everything very well. The fuel delivery guy was great too. I asked him a few questions about the fitting process and he did a great job explaining how everything worked.
Seems like you work with a great bunch of guys.
Thanks for everything so far."


"Thank you for the consistent excellent service. You’re a great company and you should feel proud of yourselves. Buy a round of coffees on us with enclosed gift card."


"I was riding my horse down the road and I saw one of your big trucks going down the road. The driver was very nice and went VERY slow and made sure my horse didn’t get scared! I just want to say thank you. It was on Crystal Lake Rd in Kinmount. If you know who the driver is can you please say thank you for doing that"


"Thank you for all the great service over the years. We do not have a new place yet but if we do purchase and are in your area, we will be sure to contact you. Thank you."

Pam & Sam

"May I add...the gentleman who installed that back-up plan, as you know, did so in -30c, came off a job in Lindsay, drove up, installed in the dark, with the pressure of a "Pond Hockey Weekend" looming; with a patient, professional attitude. That kind of service is to be was sincerely appreciated."