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Hot Water Heaters

Propane-powered hot water heaters heat up twice as fast as electric models and are up to 30% less expensive to operate.

Propane water heaters offer many other advantages over electric models such as:

  • Higher efficiencies
  • Quicker recovery rates
  • Smaller storage space requirements
  • Continuous hot water supply
  • More accurate temperature adjustment/li>
  • Wider selection of sizes, installation and venting options
  • Reduced risk of power problems

Recovery rate thats twice as fast

Propane gas water heaters have a recovery rate nearly twice as fast as electric water heaters. That means a homeowner can get more hot water from a smaller sized tank and reduce the amount of energy required to store hot water.

Small size, big performance

When considering the use of space in a home, the fact that a much smaller propane water heater can do the job of a larger electric unit is important. Propane water heaters are also extremely durable and can last for many years with minimal service requirements.

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Propane hot water heaters