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An elegant addition to any home, a propane fireplace offers many exceptional benefits.

Fireplaces can be installed as freestanding units, wall insets, within traditional masonry, or as ultra-contemporary designs. They can also be equipped with a variety of comfort and convenience options, including push-button ignition, remote control, variable heat controls and thermostats.

Fireplaces are in great demand by homebuyers, primarily because of the ambience they provide. Propane fireplaces are also an excellent source of supplemental heat.

Advantages of using a propane fireplace:

  • Propane gas fireplaces and stoves heat more evenly and more efficiently than wood-burning hearth products. They can also heat a larger area, which means less reliance on primary home-heating systems and significant cost savings.
  • Many modern propane fireplaces have low clearance requirements, providing installation flexibility. They can be direct vented, which eliminates the need for a chimney. This makes them ideal for use in new homes.
  • Propane fireplaces are safer for new homes than wood-burning fireplaces because there are no smoldering ashes or flying sparks. The flames are immediately extinguished when the gas supply is turned off.
  • Propane gas fireplaces do not produce the smoke and ash residue that wood-burning models do. Clean-burning propane means furniture, window coverings, and home decorations don’t need to be cleaned as often as in a house with a wood-burning fireplace.

Propane fireplaces are also convenient. If you want the ambiance or warmth of your fireplace, just flip the switch!

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